Welcome Back…

We would like to take this opportunity to announce that on the 4th July we may be able to welcome you back at our B&B, hurray! {government announcements pending obviously}. A warm socially distanced welcome awaits you here at 2 Ivy House.

The self contained accommodation is perfect for those of you who would prefer not to stay in the larger establishments for the short term. Our fresh, homemade continental breakfast will still be available but left in the fridge for you to help yourself. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me

Nigella {Love-In-The Mist}

There can be no excuse for the garden not to be beautiful this year. an abundance of time and sunshine. The only other topic to occupy me has been food and drink. I’ve been experimenting with new scone recipes, one kindly published by the Queen. Worth the extra effort of soaking the sultanas. They are delicious! My other achievement was piccalilli, although please don’t try this at home. The mess! I had no idea that turmeric was so colourful, it literally went everywhere…

Nearby riverside walk

Thankfully the beautiful walks that surround the property have also helped during lock-down. Great Shefford is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty and the wildlife has flourished. Circular walks or cycling routes mean that you never need to get back into the car once your here. The Great Shefford pub which is all of a 2 minute walk is open at the moment for tasty Take-Aways on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday lunchtime. Hopefully soon additional hours will be introduced once we get back to our new normal.

So if you are just fancying a change of scenery for a mini weekend break, or a business stay that is just 6 minute drive from the M4 please give me a call…

Panoramic View of Great Shefford

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