Back To Business

We are so very pleased to have said hello to our first guests this week. Some old , some new. The sun was shining and so the afternoon tea could be had outside. I’ve mastered the new scone recipe and they just keep getting bigger! Therefore more jam and cream needed to cover them. Damn, how many calories? Trouble is, I make a batch and there is always some to spare. I wonder if they freeze?

Every effort is being made for you to enjoy your stay at 2 Ivy House whilst staying safe. Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. We would love to welcome guests back to this beautiful part of the country.


The Feature Image of the barn owl, [sadly not taken by myself], is just one of the wonderful creatures you will see on an early morning jaunt not far from the house. On our walks with the dog it regularly follows us, hopping from post to post but just keeping enough distance to keep us guessing what it will be hunting for next. The symbolic meaning of the barn owl is a reminder that you are more powerful than you realise.

At the other end of the day I was lucky enough to go out and about on a bat walk. Amazing! We saw six varieties. Well I say we saw them, we heard them really. They all looked rather alike but they make different sounds. I’m sure that James would be more than happy to recreate this for any of our guests. Some interesting facts 1. Bats are the only mammals that can fly. 2. A single brown bat can catch around 1,200 mosquito size insects in one hour. 3. Bats have only one pup a year. 4. Bats wash behind their ears.


If you are a walker, cyclist or just here to rest there are some lovely pubs really close by now serving food to eat in, eat in the garden or take-away. The Great Shefford is so close its silly not to give it a go, but the Five Bells, The Pheasant and The Plough are just a 10 minute drive. If you don’t fancy any of these then I can rustle up a pretty mean cheese board. Really strict social distancing measures are being applied in all of the above.


Welcome Back…

We would like to take this opportunity to announce that on the 4th July we may be able to welcome you back at our B&B, hurray! {government announcements pending obviously}. A warm socially distanced welcome awaits you here at 2 Ivy House.

The self contained accommodation is perfect for those of you who would prefer not to stay in the larger establishments for the short term. Our fresh, homemade continental breakfast will still be available but left in the fridge for you to help yourself. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me

Nigella {Love-In-The Mist}

There can be no excuse for the garden not to be beautiful this year. an abundance of time and sunshine. The only other topic to occupy me has been food and drink. I’ve been experimenting with new scone recipes, one kindly published by the Queen. Worth the extra effort of soaking the sultanas. They are delicious! My other achievement was piccalilli, although please don’t try this at home. The mess! I had no idea that turmeric was so colourful, it literally went everywhere…

Nearby riverside walk

Thankfully the beautiful walks that surround the property have also helped during lock-down. Great Shefford is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty and the wildlife has flourished. Circular walks or cycling routes mean that you never need to get back into the car once your here. The Great Shefford pub which is all of a 2 minute walk is open at the moment for tasty Take-Aways on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday lunchtime. Hopefully soon additional hours will be introduced once we get back to our new normal.

So if you are just fancying a change of scenery for a mini weekend break, or a business stay that is just 6 minute drive from the M4 please give me a call…

Panoramic View of Great Shefford


On Top Of The World

A view overlooking Great Shefford, from just one of the many walks nearby 2 Ivy House. It’s been one whole year, cannot believe it. We have been delighted to host some really lovely guests and are looking forward to a few returns in the near future. Here’s hoping that the next year will be as rewarding. The garden is taking shape and there are encouraging signs that damson jam will be on the breakfast menu again this year.

A Great Start To Your Stay

Afternoon Cream Tea… Homemade scones with strawberry and raspberry jam, clotted cream and a glass of bubbly. Full afternoon tea is also available.

Winter Wonderland

Where in the world is this? Oh yes just up the road but it was stunning. The local children able to toboggan, and some grown ups too! Didn’t fancy the walk back to the top too many times. It’s much easier in the summer.

Garden Flowers

Fresh Seasonal Flowers added to the room, its the little extras that make it special. Please ask us for details