Longer and lighter days…

Early morning stroll…

Its the best time of the year, mornings are light well before 6 A.M, and the evenings around 6.30. You can get so much more done, at around 6.30 this morning we took a stroll out of the village on the opposite side to our usual morning stroll, the views were amazing and there was so much wildlife. Chloe didn’t know where to sniff first! We have recently been trekking around our local countryside to find interesting circular walks for our guests to enjoy. I can’t believe I have lived here over four years and not crossed the road, lol… This walk is part of our Lowlands walk, although looking at the photo you might well be right in thinking that you have climbed quite a steep hill! The next part of the walk is downhill to either a pub or the cafe.

Chloe taking in the views…

The Lowlands walk then meanders through The Lambourn Valley Way to the pretty village of Eastbury, here you will find the church of St James the great, with the most stunning modern stained window. Oh yes and another pub! The Plough, serving wonderful food and guest beers.

Window at the church in Eastbury

Our walk finishes back in the village of Great Shefford, where you will not be disappointed if you visit The Great Shefford pub. Yes there is a bit of a theme here, but they do also serve great coffee and pastries too. You will receive a friendly welcome and fantastic food created by the chef Sam Cary. We are so lucky to have such a lovely pub/restaurant just a 2 minute walk away. Too convenient sometimes.

Great Shefford Restaurant with river view…

So lucky to live here!

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